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How Does iMelodicAngel Music Heal

Instead of typical sounds used in traditional meditative audio, "iMelodicAngel" creates catchy soothing and enjoyable music that can be replayed over and over. Enjoy the music, dance, hum along, meditate and program your subconscious all at the same time. The music produced by iMelodicAngel is uplifting, fun, and inspiring, which provides a very pleasant and easy manifesting experience. 

James (iMelodicAngel) is a Certified Advanced Theta Healer. His music therapy can offer more enlightenment, love and abundance to an already fulfilling life. "iMelodicAngel's meditative, melodic solutions can help one overcome pre existing limiting thought patterns and limiting self beliefs, traumatic experiences, physical pain, relationship issues and fears. iMelodicAngel music can also stimulate increased intuition which can allow for abundant and creative life manifestations and goals!

The Science Behind the Music and the Healings:

Specific Solfeggio Tones (frequencies) are used within iMelodicAngel music to provide an audio stimulus of the theta brainwave embedded within the music. These healing frequencies are recorded at specific decibel levels below the normal threshold of awareness but not below levels of audio perception. Manifesting your own new reality is now possible! Creation starts with the reality of thought as the brains perception of audible stimulus goes far beyond the normal spectrum of hearing. 

The brain operates much like a resonance chamber or a tuning fork. When you hold two similarly tuned tuning forks together and strike one of them, the other will vibrate at the same frequency. The vibrational rate or vibratory frequency (Hz) determines the tone. Our brain produces waves of currents that flow throughout its neural pathways. The type of brainwave is defined by the frequency at which it is pulsing. It is the predominance of one particular brainwave frequency that determines our state of mind. Bluntly put, the input that which you deliver (the food of thought) produces the output of your reality! 

iMelodicAngel uses Solfeggio audio tones (frequencies/Hz) that are altered to the correct decibel level and pitch within the music which stimulate the THETA brainwave range for effective listener specific, positive, neuro-linguistic, subconscious enlightenment and healing like no other! aka true ENERGY HEALING ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC THERAPY! (ehEDMmt)

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