THETA BRAINWAVE STIMULATION: 4-7 Cycles per Second (Hz). The THETA brainwave frequency is associated with increased recall, imagery and visualization. Metaphysicists often refer to this as the optimal brainwave for manifesting and healing. Theta frequencies facilitate free flowing thought, future planning, creativity, and inspiration. During this state of mind one might experience day dreaming and powerful manifesting thoughts without the drowsiness normally associated with being in a theta brain state.This method of theta brainwave stimulation is attained by listening to iMelodicAngel Music. iMelodicAngel makes specific PITCH AUGMENTATIONS for each song so that specific notes played within each song resonate perfectly with one of the Solfeggio Tones (Hz). 





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A Guided Healing and Freedom From Trauma Audio CD. 
The first release in the set of the "FREEDOM, AWAKENING & CREATION" series, this CD features world renowned energy healer, medium, psychic, life path coach, advanced Theta Healer/Trainer Shannon Leischner. Shannon, (ranked #7 in the USA and #10 in the world as most trusted psychics and mediums), teams up with iMelodicAngel using his unique, emotionally uplifting, electronic, 528 hz theta stimulating music to create a therapeutic & powerful energetic healing and listening experience.
Track Listings & Samples:
Albums/CDS/Singles Available for Purchase:
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Healing CD
Freedom from Trauma
Regain your Happiness and Passion in Life 

(Sounds by Cody Sullivan and James iMelodicAngel)
(Narrative by Shannon Leischner)

TRACK #2 (FREEDOM FROM TRAUMA) Releasing Trauma, Anger, and Negative Emotions 
 (Song "Alien" by James ImelodicAngel) (Guided Narrative Healing by Shannon Leischner) 5:28 length

- Clearing the Negative Emotions and Replacing them with Light
- Moving the Trauma and the memories attached to the person or event to  
  the non-emotional side of the brain (conducted 3 times in healing session  
  for completion)  
  *Please note this does not remove the connection or the love you have for  
  the person or event, it simply puts it into a different perspective so that the  
  memories are no longer an emotional trigger.  
- Replacing the negative memories with love and light. 528 hz

TRACK #3 (SOUL FRAGMENT CONVERGENCE) Reparation and Alignment of the Mind, Body, Soul 
 (Song "The Piper" by James iMelodicAngel)(Guided Narrative Healing by Shannon Leischner) 7:33 length

- Bringing in Your Soul Fragments 
- Reparation of the Fragmented Soul
- Alignment of the Mind, Body, and Soul to create harmony on your path. 528 hz

TRACK #4 (Into The Light) Cleaning, Clearing and Alignment of the Chakras
 (Song "E=Electric" by James iMelodicAngel) (Guided Narrative Heaing by Shannon Leischner) 7:38 length

- Bringing in Light, Love and Abundance Into All Area of Your Life
- Cleaning, Clearing and Alignment of Chakras
- Bringing in Light, Love and Abundance into All Areas of Your Life
  (Career, Relationships, Money, Family, and Health)
- Replenishing Every Cell of Your Body with Immense Love and Light 528 hz

​A traditional meditation track including a progression of all of the Solfeggio tones.
 Powerfully lighting up and activating each and every one of your chakras. 11:06 length

Release : Mid January
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Premier Solo Album

1.  2SouthCommon - 396 hz
2.  E=Electric - 528 hz
3.  Alien - 174 hz
4.  StadiumRock - 528 hz
5.  ElectroShimmy - 396 hz
6.  Shine - 396 hz
7.  ChopStickBoogie - 174 hz
8.  NewFunk in 3 - 396 & 528 hz
9.  The Piper - 396 hz
10.The FreddyWaltz - 174 hz
11. Retro Bee - 528 & 396 hz
 $20 USD
A uplifting original electronic music album using Solfeggio healing tones and tuning designed to raise your vibrational frequency.